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Testimony of an activist

28 January 2018

Every day, the association welcomes women who are victims of all forms of violence. Either physically or by telephone, the professionals of the association provide them with advice, follow-up and personalised help. Psychologists and social workers work hard to find solutions to situations that sometimes seem impossible and desperate.

They help the victims with humanity, a characteristic that is sometimes sorely lacking in the lives of the women on a daily basis, whether in their immediate circle or in society. In parallel with this often weekly follow-up, through necessity, a day reception to deal with emergencies. The organisation has seen an increase in the number of women in situations of emergency for their lives and their children’s and as a result, volunteers have had to adapt to create this specific support.

These women are mostly homeless and have little knowledge of the help that can be provided. They are sometimes immigrants, do not speak French or can not read and write. The little things in life that seem easy to us are daily obstacles to them. The NPNS team offers them a roof for the day, a place where they can rest and recharge their batteries, eat, and talk if they wish. We try to give them the most useful help possible, especially in terms of housing and food.

These situations are challenges for our teams, at a time when the social services are inundated with calls and the waiting list for emergency housing continues to grow. But regardless of the person’s profile or the form of violence she experiences, she will always be received with dignity and respect, and NPNS will provide her with support and possible solutions. Because we never let someone go without helping them; it is the mantra that we try to follow every day with energy and good humour.