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Education to respect in music with Angèle

24 June 2019 No Comments

Balance ton quoi is a kind of anti-sexism hymn, a little step against general sexism”
Angèle interview, NRJ Radio

To be a feminist is a choice that today fully assumes itself. In the world of music, many artists do not hesitate to publicly show their feminist commitment. Taking advantage of their notoriety, they pass messages to their audience and beyond. From Oprah Winfrey to Beyonce, to Emma Watson, there are personalities who fight for women’s rights and for the evolution of our societies.
On our side of the Atlantic, we can mention Angèle, this Belgian singer-songwriter whose success has grown steadily over the past two years. Although known for her great musical talent, the singer also places herself as a feminist figure on the public stage. She meets a real success and breaks the codes with these original and sometimes harsh clips. In Balance your what, Angèle strives to show through her lyrics and the staging of the clip the weight of sexism in everyday life.

In its “anti-sexism academy”, it is the learning of respect for women and consent that is put to light, with the participation of the actor Pierre Niney. Like a teacher who instructs her pupil, Angèle simply explains to him that “when she says no, it means no!”
The sarcastic lightness with which the Belgian singer tackles such complex and heavy subjects is one of the reasons for the success of this clip and her whole album.

“When she says no, it means no!”

The title of the song is obviously a nod to the French movement “balance ton porc”, itself adapted from the #Metoo movement that followed the Weinstein case that highlighted in 2017 numerous cases of sexual harassment.
Much work remains to be done against ordinary sexism and harassment, and the world of rap is not left out, especially with regard to the female minority that we still find today.

“Rap is said to work best when it’s dirty …
We should break the codes, a girl who opens her mouth would be normal “

Food for thoughts…!


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