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Become a volunteer

Are you eligible to become a volunteer? Fill out the online form below (if you just want to be a volunteer, please fill in the “volunteer” section only) and send us a CV and cover letter to contactnpns@gmail.com

Volunteer at NPNS

We are looking for volunteers for all services.

Experience in a field of association will be necessary but not mandatory. If you share the values ​​of our association and are motivated to make it evolve and invest, you are welcome. NPNS provides free training directly on the Platform for the following areas: reception of victims, emergency reception and school interventions.

The areas in which we are looking for volunteers:

  • Legal: you are in law school (Master 1 or Master 2), are motivated to help the victims who need a legal follow-up (discover our job interview here)
  • Psychological: you are in psychology (M1 or M2), you can become a psychologist for the victims
  • Social: you will have to follow the victims and help them in their social steps (housing, work …) as a social worker
  • Reception of victims: You can also accommodate victims by being present on the Platform to answer the phone, making appointments for victims and conducting initial interviews when we receive a victim for the first time.
  • Education Pole: with the Pole Team you will be required to carry out school interventions, including creating modules for students that you will implement during interventions in schools, colleges and high schools. You will also welcome young people on the Platform who wish to carry out a project against discrimination in general.