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Education to respect


Since 2003, NPNS Movement teams have been traveling to schools to carry out interventions aimed at raising awareness and educating young people on issues of gender equality, gender diversity, secularism, the fight against homophobia, racism and violence against women.

Through these interventions grouped under the name of “Education for Respect”, the Movement promotes relentlessly the values ​​of the Republic and in particular the respect between girls and boys. It is also about raising awareness about practices such as forced marriage, excision.

In the short term, the aim is to make as many young people as possible aware of the need for respect between girls and boys. In the long term, the goal is to help reduce violence against girls in general and those in lower-income neighborhoods in particular.

Every year, we reach several thousand students throughout France.

The Ni Putes Ni Soumises Movement received on April 22, 2013 “the approval of the complementary educational associations of public education” from the Ministry of National Education and since 2008 of the “national youth accreditation and popular education “granted by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports.

Recently, NPNS also intervenes on the same themes in other types of structures: companies, prisons, etc.

Would you like more information about NPNS intervention options in your institution? Do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0) 6 89 73 52 91 or by email: interventionnpns@gmail.com



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