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The President : Stéphanie RAMEAU

The year 2016 ends for the movement Ni Putes Ni Soumises with a promising renewal of its management teams.

On the occasion of the last general assembly of the movement, on October 29, Stephanie Rameau, an activist since 2005 in Ni Putes Ni Soumises, was indeed elected new president of the movement.
Stéphanie, who has headed the NPNS committee in Tourcoing, takes over from President Linda Fali, greatly thanked for her action and tenacity. The other head of the list on the occasion of this election, Rachida Benahmed, will be the new vice-president.

A new office will accompany the president, composed of new and old activists. This is a sign that the movement continues to attract new energies and that it will continue its fight for a popular feminism by relying on its strength: activists from all walks of life and from all generations, from Paris and from province, engaged to make live the movement which remains a mouthpiece for the women of the popular districts.

The new president, already at work with her team, will soon outline the priorities of her mandate, in a context where we must find the human and financial means to cope with the many requests of women victims, or the solicitations on multiple projects. around our struggles: gender equality, secularism, gender diversity.

The word of the President

Neither whores nor submissive is more determined than ever: we do not have the right to fail.

The difficulties were there, but this symbol of emergency feminism, which raises so much hope among many women, could not disappear. It is in this context that our new team was elected at the end of October 2016, with the aim of restoring the situation and defending the original values ​​of our Movement.

Neither Whores nor Submissive is the fight against all violence against women, against obscurantism, against withdrawal.

The raging identity debate masks the huge projects to be carried out so that, among other things, the popular neighborhoods are no longer marginal but at the heart of our society. Women must have their place and their voice.

We must, at a time when fundamentalism and their crimes make the bed of the pastists everywhere in the world and even in France, to make loudly heard the voice of the values ​​of the Republic, vector of emancipation for each citizen (not ), and the secularism that guarantees equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

Out of the question to let our rights trampled, out of the question to continue to suffer the violence whatever: it is high time that the mentalities evolve on all the territory, this feminism is the last fight Humanist, that which is valid for all the social classes!