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Victims of violence: WHAT TO DO?

You can call us for any reason: we will help you no matter what (legal, psychological, material, emergency accommodation) or we will find the appropriate structure to answer your problems.

NPNS is:

Being listened to and accompanied

Phone: +33 (0) 6 89 73 52 91 from 10 am to 5 pm

Mail: contactnpns@gmail.com

If you are the victim of physical and / or moral violence:

Talk about it: do not stay alone


Write down the emergency phone numbers (for FRANCE):

  • 17 Police Rescue (from a landline)
  • 112: Police Rescue (from a laptop)
  • 18: Firefighters
  • 15: Samu
  • 3919: Domestic Violence Facts European emergency number is 112


Prepare a bag containing:

  • Important papers (family booklet, identity card or residence card, …)
  • Pay slips, social insurance card, CAF number
  • Medical certificates, copies of current hand or claim statement(s), copies of orders and / or judgments
  • The double keys of your home and your car
  • A checkbook and a little cash

Perform a medical examination In order to obtain a detailed medical certificate with an assessment of total incapacity for work (even if you are not working).

FNACAV National Federation of Associations and Centers for the Care of Authors of Domestic and Family Violence)

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75012 Paris


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